My Story is Her Story

Prior to pursuing health and wellness as a career that I love..I spent over a decade as a co-host for two major online radio show's from Baltimore,MD. As an introvert I appreciated every aspect of being on radio because it challenged me to stand up and stand out. Public speaking helped me to find my voice. But, as time progressed I found that even though I was stepping out of my comfort zone. I still wasn't doing what made ME happy, so I made the decision to step down from radio and pursue goals that brought out the best in me and that is when I found the healing arts through massage, reiki and hypnotherapy. But, before I begin, I had to endure the journey of healing and truly becoming my most authentic self. A few years later, the platform used to air one of shows asked if I would share my story..what better time than during the COV19 quarantine to do so...Gratitude to for the opportunity.

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